The intake is a little different than the average therapy session, as we cover a lot of information about therapy itself and I need to learn as much as possible about you in an hour. The most important aspect of this appointment is that it ends with us having a plan for treatment. It is vital that you feel we make a good match because the relationship is core to progress and healing. I am never offended if it is not a good match and we will work together to find you a professional that might be a better fit. If you are feeling comfortable with me as your provider, we move ahead with scheduling subsequent appointments. During the average session, we will cover a variety of topics that are directly related to your individual needs. The interventions used are based on research and evidence—things we know help people and things we know are beneficial. The goal is for you to start to learn tools that you can use outside of sessions on your own.

How long do I need to be in therapy?

This varies on many different factors. We can discuss during our initial session and we will review your perspective on progress throughout our time together.