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“Excellent session. The topic was relevant and the speaker was knowledgeable and enthusiastic.” 



“Very good presentation – conversational and pertinent info, liked the “real” examples.” 



“Best speaker all week I saw! Lots of good info – good slides. Would love to see her as a keynote speaker” 

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Pandemic Parenting

The Covid19 pandemic continues and our mental health co

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**Originally published at wibehavioralhealth.com in 202

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For a few fleeting moments this afternoon, the sun some

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Luke Perry, Alex Trebek, J-Lo, and the Jonas Bros…

Celebrities… Why do we Care? This past week we mourne

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Forgetfulness There are many reasons that can help expl

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Recovering from Failure

Everyone remembers at least one moment in their life wh

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What to Know About Therapy

Attending therapy for the first time can be daunting. N

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The new site is up and running…

Welcome to my new website.  Please check back for addi

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