Stacy Stefaniak Luther, PsyD, LPC

received her Psychology Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and her Master’s Degree in Psychology with specializations in Clinical Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development from Capella University in Minneapolis, MN.

Dr. Stacy completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Northern Michigan University, with a focus on Elementary Education. She also holds an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. She continues to attend various conferences, workshops, and other trainings to remain abreast of changes in the field.

She works with individuals ages 2 (with parent) and up. Dr. Stacy has been working with children ranging in age from infancy through adolescence and with parents in a variety of environments for over 20 years and has been an educator for 15+ years, teaching individuals from infancy through later stages of adulthood. Dr. Stacy currently sees individuals between the ages of 2 – 100+. All activities are in supervised capacity as required by Wisconsin law.

Dr. Stacy enjoys working with families and her professional interests include child development, attachment, challenging behaviors, Postpartum Depression and women’s reproductive health, parenting skills, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She also has experience providing services related to Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment, and complex trauma. Dr. Stacy uses an eclectic approach that focuses on the individual client and his or her story, providing a strongly individualized approach. Dr. Stacy believes each person’s life story is unique and should be respected.

Dr. Stacy currently lives in Central Wisconsin with her husband, Eli, and their children Ashlyn and Aaron. Dr. Stacy considers herself to be a “cat-lady,” and she has two cats. Additionally, she has a dog who is one of her best friends who is training to be able to join Dr. Stacy at work in the community as a therapy animal. Dr. Stacy enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. She grew up in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula and enjoys traveling “home” as often as possible, although she now also considers Wisconsin to be home.

Individuals describe Dr. Stacy as being personable and find value in her ability to listen and meet a person where he or she is at in their healing and personal goal attainment. She believes the relationship between a provider and the client is the key to change and readily accepts feedback to help individuals meet their needs in a professional fashion that allows for both motivation and achievement.