Invite Dr. Stacy to Speak at Your Next Event or Conference

Dr. Stacy has been an educator for 15+ years and has experience tailoring information to best meet the needs of professional audiences and parents, caregivers, and loved family members. She has been actively involved in keeping up-to-date with best practices and modern research in a variety of topics. She has the experience in combination with the expertise and personality to deliver an engaging presentation.

Dr. Stacy is available for lectures workshops on the following topics:

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (all ages and stages)

  Co-occurring Mental Health Conditions

  Parenting Strategies

  “Red Flags” In Development

  Addressing Challenging Behavior

  Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and Adjustment to Parenthood

  Behavioral Disorders During Childhood

  Child Development

  Assessing Risk of Suicide During Childhood

  Suicide Prevention

  Social Media, Bullying, and Suicide

  “Mom Shaming” and Social Media